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Kavitsu is one of the leading manufacturers of gears and gear boxes. The complete range of products include Planetary gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears and worm wheel. Also in the portfolio, the sister concern, Kavitsu Robotronix is capable of manufacturing Slew ring bearings and slew drives.
Bevel Gear: Bevel gear system is used where change of direction of the power transmission is required. These are mostly used on shafts which are perpendicular to each other. Though, the angle can also be changed as per the users requirements. Types of bevel gear: Bevel gear can be classified in the following types: Straight bevel gears are similar to the spur gears where the teeth are in straight line. The taper towards the apex of the cone. These exhibit the same properties of spur gear. The tooth are engaged at once, and this results in noise and friction. Spiral bevel gears are those which have curved teeth. They are similar to the spiral gears and the tooth contact is gradual. It progresses as the teeth rotate. These help in reducing noise and increasing torque carrying capacity. Hypoid bevel gear is generally used where the plane has different axes.This construction is similar to that of a worm drive. The pitch surface in this case is hypoid and not canonical as compared to other bevel gears.
Worm Gear Box: Worm gear system is comprised of worm shaft and worm wheel. Worm gear is similar to a spur gear, whereas worm shaft is like a screw thread. Worm gear system is used to reduce the input speed and transmit torque to the further system. As compared to typical spur gear system, the size of worm gearbox will be small. Depending on the number of starts, the gear ratio can be maintained. A worm wheel having 30 teeth will have a reduction ratio of 30:1.
Helical Gear Box Helical gear has a different geometry as compared to a spur gear. In spur gear, the teeth are cut at 90 degrees. In case of helical, they are cut at a particular helix angle and sometimes they appear twisted. In the helical gear system, since the gear is cut at a helix angle, the contact starts at one point. It then covers the entire gear tooth as both the gears rotate. This is a major differentiating factor as compared to a spur gear. Helical gear thus has a quiet operation and higher load carrying capacity. Helical gears, also due to the type of contact between them, last longer than spur gears.
Planetary Gear Box Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Innovator Planetary gear system is a system in which the planet gears revolve around the sun gear, and both of them are rotating on a ring gear. The planetary gear is fixed upon a carrier which gives the output to either the output shaft or the sun gear of next stage of planetary system. Kavitsu is the pioneer in planetary gear technology and has been serving the industry for the past three decades. It has earned its name for supply of high quality and reliable gear boxes. Our research and development team is continuously working on bringing new technology to the Indian industry. This helps to make the planetary gear drives a virtually maintenance free system. Planetary gear system has different efficiency as the stages go on increasing. For the first stage, it is 95%. For second stage is it 92%. For the third stage it goes down to 88%. For fourth stage, it reduces to 85%. This is still higher as compared to the worm gearbox.