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Helical gear has a different geometry as compared to a spur gear. In spur gear, the teeth are cut at 90 degrees. In case of helical, they are cut at a particular helix angle and sometimes they appear twisted. In the helical gear system, since the gear is cut at a helix angle, the contact starts at one point. It then covers the entire gear tooth as both the gears rotate. This is a major differentiating factor as compared to a spur gear. Helical gear thus has a quiet operation and higher load carrying capacity. Helical gears, also due to the type of contact between them, last longer than spur gears.
Helical gearbox for steel and sugar Industry. With various ratio combinations and torque ratings, Kavitsu Helical Gearboxes are a bench mark in Indian industry.
Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt Ltd.: This Company is into manufacturing of heavy and medium duty planetary and helical gearboxes. The maximum capacity for the manufacturing is 1000KW for both Planetary and Helical. Bevel gears are used in combination of both as per the customers’ demands. The other products that are manufactured here are screw jacks, combination bearings, herringbone gearboxes, crane duty gearboxes, etc. The major industries which KTPL caters to are Sugar industries, Steel industries, Cement industries, Water treatment plants, Wood cutting machinery manufacturers, etc.
Kavitsu is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Gearboxes. We are the pioneers in planetary gear technology in India. Our range of gearboxes include planetary drives, helical drives, worm drives and bevel drives, used in combination with each other. Our manufacturing capabilities include a 3200 mm diameter VTL machine as well as a 3000 mm gear shaping machine. CNC turning and machining centers help us in achieving highest quality and produce world class products.
Helical Gearbox Manufacturers in Banglore