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Planetary Gear Box Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Innovator Planetary gear system is a system in which the planet gears revolve around the sun gear, and both of them are rotating on a ring gear. The planetary gear is fixed upon a carrier which gives the output to either the output shaft or the sun gear of next stage of planetary system. Kavitsu is the pioneer in planetary gear technology and has been serving the industry for the past three decades. It has earned its name for supply of high quality and reliable gear boxes. Our research and development team is continuously working on bringing new technology to the Indian industry. This helps to make the planetary gear drives a virtually maintenance free system. Planetary gear system has different efficiency as the stages go on increasing. For the first stage, it is 95%. For second stage is it 92%. For the third stage it goes down to 88%. For fourth stage, it reduces to 85%. This is still higher as compared to the worm gearbox.
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